Carlos Perez

2002 sleep baby sleep

“sleep baby, sleep!”

photographic works 2002

The laying bare (exposure) of the image

Flux of emotions, appearances and disappearances, a coming and going of realities and virtual realities, model and depiction.
So many varied contradictory appeals that invite us to explore this photographic project.

the subject : the birth (the coming into the world)

The image : the bather. We leave the reality of the here and now, that of flesh and blood, in favour of its replica, this light which is characteristic of the artificial, resulting in the emergence of this absent body, a look from another world, a strange being subjected to the manipulations of the moment.
Carlos Perez exposes in this peculiar light of obscurity the dawn of this new end of mankind, which gives birth to the newborn child of this anti-world.

Martial Thomas
© Carlos Perez