Carlos Perez

2005 sweet naivete

installation “Sweet Naïveté” (2005-2006)
mixed media on canvas - sculptures : candy + acrylic paints

“sweet naiveté”

the element, chosen by carlos perez for his new installation,
is meant to give expression to a sense of emptiness, of frustration, “marshmallows” … a highly personal memory, akin to that of a child in search of tenderness, which engulfs the surface and space of his work in an almost infectious way.

the artist tells us a story by using “painted-objects” in order to exorcise a dormant memory, using the idiom of “minimal art“ to create an austere look as well as to objectify, and food as a unique substance for ingestion but ultimately also as an emotional act.

viewing the object one notices the reflection of a physical light, plastic and shiny, smooth and mirrored, punctuated by matt parts, as if to soften the effect.
the eye glides over the icy surface like a wave as it heals the soul’s wounds.

carlos perez recaptures the monochrome dimensions of basic geometric shapes such as circles, squares or rectangles,
be they on a small or a large scale, and builds on a sentiment of frustration to alter oneself and on a very personal relationship with luxury and desire.

through duplication, the repetition of the syrupy, melting aspect, he produces an obsessive loop of works that radiates and reacts within a space.

carlos perez translates the divide between the intensity of childhood and his memories in maturity, from vivid recollections which still linger.

martial thomas.
© Carlos Perez