Carlos Perez

2006 altered states

“Altered states” (2006)
photographic works

« altered states »

between abstraction and emergence, monochrome and representation,
altered states is a variation of inner states whose fragile
fluctuations carlos perez seeks to capture.

an evanescent memory, a hallucinated thought, a faint feeling are all crystallised in their multiple and elusive dimensions.
an escape from the anecdotism of language, the large formats arranged in diptychs or triptychs solidify a few aspects of a substance in constant transformation.
the colours' syrupy mellowness works dually as an invitation and an act of violence, which recalls an ethereal world clashing monstrously with the tumult of reality.

thanks to a careful manipulation of lights, the objects seem strangely disturbing: half-way between velvety clouds melting in the mouth and the bitter taste of toxic matter, they summon the young child confronted with a misunderstood pain.

far from delivering the key of meaning, the word in fact concurs with the unnamed of the artwork. regardless of the language of expression, it is the word's texture and resonance that contribute to the network of sensual associations which criss-cross the entire piece.
as guarantor of the work's final touch, the spectator is the theatre
in which these inner states can ultimately be brought to life.

samantha adler de oliveira
© Carlos Perez